Date of Appointment: 3 December 2008

Dato’ John Hii Khim Tung, aged 48, holds a Diploma in Business Management and wide-ranging experience in the world of commerce and industry. Dato’s business interest crosses industries and international boundaries, and all via his HKT Group. Dato‘s business span across Asia Pacific region: Malaysia, China, Australia, the Philippines, as well as distant as the United States.

ICT is considered a new frontier for Dato, therefore, he teamed up with Steve Hui, founder of Everex, Emachines, Power-All Network Ltd., and FuHu Ltd., and together with Dato’ Stanley Ling, they ventured into this field.

Dato’ John also invested in the first inter-cloud technology in the world. He has interests in Infocus, a company set up by John Hui, Steve Hui’s brother and the venture bore fruit when Foxconn, part of the Hon Hai Group, and a large manufacturer, acquired it.

Currently, Dato’ John serves as a Director and a major shareholder on PP Telecom’s Board of Directors. His presence gives PP Telecom a unique competitive edge unlike other players.