Date of Appointment: 1 June 2015

Sng Wei Kai, aged 40, holds a Bachelor in Applied Science (Architecture) has vast experience in Project Management, building and construction works before he starts venturing into ICT business in 2015 with PP Telecom. Sng sits on the Board of Directors and is also one of the shareholder of PP Telecom.

He works very closely with Dato’ Stanley where he self-taught, learn and gain knowledge of ICT to expand PP Telecom to the next level in ICT Sector of Sarawak. As an advocate of continuous learning, he started building relationship and network with international telco players in Thailand, China, Korea, Cambodia and Indonesia to develop his knowledge and understanding the ICT world. Upon his own initiatives, Sng has attended various courses and vendors’ program on Submarine Cable Systems, IPLC and IP Transit Services.

Sng has single handedly drive and groom PP Telecom from nothing to what it is today; where it is laying its first subsea fiber optics cable, deploying Data Centres, a member of submarine cables consortium and many others. Sng continues to inspire and lead PP Telecom into the future by attracting talents and professionals with their own expertise in their own field to join him in taking PP Telecom to greater heights. Sng pays attention to details and is very much a perfectionist.